Ephemera is a new project under development. It is a contemporary opera tragicomical piece. Ephemera means things that exist, but are enjoyed or used only for one and short time. It is an art video that reflects on the exaggeration of modern beauty, and our resignation to more permanent values of life and nature. Maya's long-armed half human creature can only survive from drinking petrol and eating plastic. 



Art Direction by Maya Petrovna and Nikolina Gustin

Cinematography and production

by Nikolina Gustin and Marin Tudor

Original music and costume design by Maya Petrovna




Maya has been producing a large body of personal work for the past 15 years in between her film and theatre collaborations. Her solo compositional work covers songs, orchestral, electronica, choral and contemporary operatic. While she plays several instruments such as piano, guitar, Khim and toy flutes, she has been composing and refining the challenging, and intensively driven brass orchestral work which she has been orchestrating herself. Her compositional work is highly driven by her voice which she has studied and explored through various cultures she had direct touch with, technics she likes to fuse. Maya will be soon releasing the first series of her compositional work done over past 15 years. 

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