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Promotional film length 10 min

Show length 1.5 hours

VERITAPHOBIA is an immersive surrealist performance art experience, shaped around contemporary 'crossover' opera. Self-directed and performed by Maya Petrovna, who composed the original music and designed the multiple-costume changing scenography. 

The installations, costumes, projections and music are built in non separable form, where visual world becomes melodic and sonic becomes visual. Maya will sing, play various instruments, and create live soundscapes through movement within the installations, performing each song in a different character. The 13 otherworldly costumes represent faces of society, who live in a transitional state between now and the future, channeling humanity’s fragile relationship with the earth and future predictions of environmental devastation and domination by artificial intelligence. The aural and visual journey is a bake of human absurdism, garnished with inevitable dark humour and irony.

Maya is bringing her new compositional work that fuses contemporary opera with Eastern European vocal technics, orchestral brass work blended with industrial drones, and choirs entirely created with her voice. 


Only available to promoters, event management companies and booking agents with provided password. 





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Origin:  Australian nationality, a resident of UK and Italy, born in Bosnia (Sarajevo).



Genres: contemporary cinematic, original 'crossover' opera, visual music.






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Instagram: @mayapetrovnaofficial



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Maya Petrovna aka Maja Petrovna Hilcisin an operatic 'crossover' alto, film music composer, multi-instrumentalist and cross-disciplinary performance artist. Influenced by surrealism, she unfolds her music thru immersive art performances which she writes, directs and performs, by composing the original music and designing character and scenography for each song. 

Maya’s art performances include recent Sydney Opera House show ‘The Womb of Universe and The Boob Monster’, performed for sold-out Club Kooky, and for the official opening of 2019 Sydney VIVID. She contributed to CODA band ‘Music for the eyes show’ at Sydney Opera House (year 2005), and Maya’s closing contemporary operatic act Moth enjoyed a series of residencies at the exclusive celebrity hub London Box Soho. Maya’s self-directed shows have travelled from London to Rome Film Festival, International Sarajevo Film Festival, London Fashion Week, headlining Croatias Seven Days of Creation Festival at medieval Pazin Castle, Porec Art Festival (Lapidarium Museum), Prague SWAN, Venice Associazione Awai & Berlin Manoeuvre Studios Art Festival. 

Maya credits include singing and composing orchestral scores for 10 ‘Set to Screen’ Apple Podcasts for film Australia, by an acclaimed film director Baz Luhrmann, and a spot featuring Annie Leibovitz.

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