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 ”Maya lends her creations a chorus of voices as grand as the Italian Operas of the 19th century- and from that great stage her creatures sing to us and tell us stories in a language so open to interpretation that no translation is needed, they speak directly to the heart.”


From collaboration 'Chromophobia' with director and photographer James Fisher 




“Star ship departs from Pazin Castle to “Futura Monomania” planet… Bomb in all senses and the craziest opera you'll ever experience, and hours later repeat bring Maya Petrovna back to us. “


By PR Dora Biros, for Seven Days of Creation Festival, for Maya full length show Futura Monomania




“A stunning opera and performance art… through scenography and music, Maya Petrovna will create a futuristic utopia, in which alienated beings try to relate to one another. It is a highly visual performance whose musical background extends from Jodorowski to the films Baraka, Samsara and Koyaanisqatsi...”


By media, Croatia. About Maya’s show Futura Monomania in Pazin Castle 



“Multidisciplinary artist Maya Petrovna… she transformed the old Pazin Castle into symbolism and contemporary associations. Her suggestive costumes and visuals, voice and movement evoke surrealism, but lead to something general in the human, multicultural, ubiquitous and inner…You are surprised during the play with various characters…They cause complex emotions. The costumes taken off on stage I have experienced as layers that we should discard in order to return to our authentic and real self.“



From Interview by By Nevenka Miklenić, Dance Portal Croatia, PLESNA



”Maya Petrovna with surrealist operatic performance Futura Monomania. It's everything but "ordinary opera”. A look at the different costumes that the artist herself makes is enough to talk about this performance. Petrovna turns into unusual creatures with too many hands to the finest details of elaborate dresses. The author's opera composition and unusual video projections that complement the performance are unique phenomenon.”


By Regional Express Independent Istria Portal


"A lot of emotions and good vibration in the play Futura Monomania by Maya Petrovna.”


by Nenad Simunic, one of the hosts of Porec Street Festival at Lapidarium, Croatia



”Spellbinding singer and performance”


By Alba Rodriguez, Catalan ISSUU 





“Maya’s originally composed music will be shown with whimsical costumes and installations. This phenomenal theatre performance will tell you a tale of a lifetime.”


London Looking Glass Cocktail Club



"Maya Petrovna, lacing songs with industrial, theatrical, operatic, atmospheric movements with spacious reverb'd vocals. Nick Cave and Billie Holliday came to mind…” 


by David Watts, Producer of Fun da Mental, UK 



“Compelling and out there presence of Maya Petrovna, with a rich, deep, Dietrich-like voice. This one woman show plus occasional dancer was fascinating. Strange. And strangely attractive.”


by Australian stage online capturing one of Maya Petrovna first solo shows at Sydney Factory Theatre, LLOYD BRADFORD (BRAD) SYKE 

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